Nuggets From Noah Kagan Presents – Deep Dive on Jim Rohn’s 7 Strategies for Wealth & Happiness

Noah Kagan Presents – Episode 10 on February 21, 2017

Deep Dive on Jim Rohn’s 7 Strategies for Wealth & Happiness

Life Pillar: Career & Business, Personal Development

From Noah’s show notes:

In this episode of Noah Kagan Presents I go DEEP on Jim Rohn. He’s someone you’ve likely never heard of and will be blown away by his wisdom.

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Jim Rohn’s book being discussed is 7 Strategies for Wealth & Happiness: Power Ideas from America’s Foremost Business Philosopher

Look out for orange highlighted nuggets. They are the gold and are usually actionable

Nuggets from this podcast
1:00 – First strategy – Use Goals. Jim says, “Your dreams are a projection of the life we wish to lead”. Getting the clarity for the goal is the key. 

1:50 – Jim says, “It is dangerous to linger too long at the table of success”. Getting success at something and then taking a break is not good. You have to get hungry for another meal. 

2:55 –Second strategy – Seek Knowledge. Jim says, “If you wish to be successful, study success”. See what you are not doing those successful people are doing

3:45 – Jim says, “Study your own positives and negatives of your life”. Becoming self-aware is challenging. Learn from when things go bad. Other things to study,publish material, listen to those that have done it via podcasts etc.

5:15 – Third strategy – Learn How To Change. Jim says, “All leaders are readers” and “You are what you read”. If you are not reading anymore you have a shitty book, change it. If you hate reading get audible or podcasts. Jim also says “Standard education will get you standard results”. If you are reading all the same stuff as everyone else how are you supposed to beat everybody? Seek out rarer knowledge.
8:00 – Jim says, “Repetition is the mother of skill”. What was hard will become easy
9:10 – Jim says, “Discipline is the only vehicle for real progress”. Do you follow through? If not, start small
10.00 – There is a huge difference between cost and value. “What is it worth instead of what it costs?” How do I invest?
12:40 – Fourth strategy – Contol Your Money. Jim says, “To have more than you’ve got, you need to become more than you are” & “To develop an above average income you need have to become an above average person”. Stop wishing it was easier, wish you were better
14:15 – Fifth strategy – Master Time. Time is your most important thing and we all have the same 24 hours a day. To maximize your time you must eliminate anything stunting your growth, procrastination, blame etc.
15.00 – Book mention: The Art Of Happiness by Dalai Lama. Be aware of limiting words you use
15.30 – Try the 5 a.m challenge. By noon you’ll have all of your work done. 
17.30 – Be the ant. Ants plan all summer for winter, always planning for the future. Other techniques for mastering time 1) Learn how to say no 2) When you work, work. When you play, play. Otherwise, you feel cheated on both 3) Communication devices are there for your convenience, do not let them control you. 4) Have an agenda on outgoing calls 
20:35 – Sixth strategy – Surround Yourself With Winners. Ask yourself how your peers and friends are doing in business. Are you surrounding yourself with people that are doing the things you want to do? Don’t join an easy crowd, and take responsibility for your results. “Expand more time with the right people”
23:35 – Seventh strategy – Learn How To Live Well. Jim says, “Take time out from the work to live well”. 1) He says always go for the biggest tip possible. TIP stands for “to insure promptness”. Be the person who gives a little more, it is a great experience for both parties. 2) Buy for another 3) Invest in things that really give you joy

Editors comment:
Noah covered off a lot of material in 30 minutes. This episode was loaded with great nuggets for obtaining more success in your life. I highly recommend it.

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