Nuggets From The Fizzle Show – Follow Your Curiosity, Find Your Passion & Keep it! Here’s How

The Fizzle Show – Episode #204 on February 27, 2017

Follow Your Curiosity, Find Your Passion & Keep it! Here’s How

Life Pillar: Career & Business, Personal Development

From The Fizzle Show’s show notes:

On the podcast today we (Chase Reeves & Steph Crowder) interview someone (Ross Symons) who actually found out how to make his living doing something he loved.

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Look out for orange highlighted nuggets. They are the gold and are usually actionable

Nuggets from this podcast
9:10 – Ross makes a living by folding origami. He got into origami and realized it was more than a distraction

11:00 – Ross was inspired by an author, Wayne Dyer, who meditated for a whole year. Ross decided to post a daily origami on Instagram
14:40 – When someone wanted to pay him for doing something he loved he knew he was on to something
21:50 – If things start getting weird or crazy Ross will go back to answering the question of what will make him happy right now, just fold something, “I focus on the next piece of paper I’m going to fold”.
24:05 – As soon as he started looking inward to find out who he was, he was able to move in a direction that felt right
29:20 – Find a way to get paid for the things you enjoy
35:00 – Rumi poem quote “When I go after what I think I want my life is a furnace of distress and anxiety but when I sit in my place of patience what I want flows to me.”
37:45 – Two major points, the idea of doing things that make you come alive and then to stay successful you have to crush those things by pursuing them in order to pay the bills
41:00 – Everyone is telling the story of how to do what Ross has but no one is hearing it. It is taking that step into where the inspiration wants to go. It is a case of not stopping.
49:00 – Why did, what Ross is doing, work? If you can just be honest with yourself and find that little bit of interest in something. Just put something out there

Editors comment: 
This was very interesting podcast because it really hit home about creating something and getting it out to the world is what moves you along. Nothing needs to be perfect for you to take that step

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